Maksuzija Rakija


Our high-quality noble brandy is distilled from four different types of fruit, quince, pear, apricot and plum. Maksuzija is the passion, sweetness and steely will of every man whose free spirit has shaped the character and strength of these spaces.



DUBIOZA plum brandy

MAKSUZIJA SPECIAL DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV EDITION is a plum brandy, specially and exclusively for all fans of the music band DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV and branded with their logo. Maksuzija Dubioza is a traditional slivovitz characterised by its beautiful yellow colour and strong fruit aroma.

MAKSUZIJA williams pear brandy

The unmistakable character of the Williams pear, straight from our orchards on the sunny slopes of Trebava, makes this one of the most refined brandies. MAKSUZIJA pear brandy has a recognizable, clean and sympathetic scent, made in a traditional way with the help of today’s knowledge, in a copper kettle.

MAKSUZIJA apricot brandy

MAKSUZIJA apricot brandy has an extraordinary smell, a unique aroma and a very good digestibility. Gentle and refined, the apricot has its own life, flavor and audience. After a long finish, all the aromas appear and slowly disappear, while the scent of apricot lingers in the empty glass.

MAKSUZIJA quince brandy

MAKSUZIJA quince is the queen of fruit brandies, a blend of the best varieties of this aromatic fruit. It is a real treat for lovers of fruit elixir in the form of brandy. The rakija with quince offers a harmonious, full and luxurious taste that is deeply rooted in the genetic makeup.


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